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Key Dates
2018-07-19Registration - School of Business
2018-07-20Registration - School of Health Sciences
2018-07-23Registration - School of Public Administration
2018-07-24Registration - School of Languages and Translation
2018-07-25Registration - School of Physical Education and Sports & School of Arts
2018-08-25Campus Orientation
2018-08-27Class Commencement
2018-08-29Opening Ceremony
Partnerships established with overseas institutions & organisations: 200+

Dr. Lao Cheng Kin (Associate Professor)Assistant Programme Coordinator of Speech-Lang Therapy
In addition to familiarising yourself with the local practice in speech-language therapy, you will be provided with excellent opportunities to broaden your perspectives by studying in Taiwan and building professional networks in both places. This is a valuable learning opportunity to become a recognised speech therapist in Macao.