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At MPI, you will be taken care of by our dedicated academic and learning support team who are ready to help you make the best of your college life. Wherever your interest lies, and whatever you might want to do after your degree, this is the place where you will realise your full potential.

We encourage students to engage themselves fully in their college experience. Through service learning, students are able to develop their potentials. Our students have achieved brilliant results at various regional and international competitions. We also work closely with our Student Union to offer a rich variety of student activities. These out-of-classroom experiences include interest courses, culture workshops, the ‘activity ambassador’ project, volunteer teaching and skills seminars to prepare students for further studies and careers.

Student activities

Campus Orientation – ‘AIM HIGH! FLY HIGH!’

National Language Working Committee’s Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi and Cultural Study Course in Beijing

Sharing session on graduate studies in Portugal & academic sharing seminar

Postgraduate skills seminar

Exam cheering session for students

Careers Day

Activity Ambassador Project

Volunteer teaching in China

Extra-curricular classes and workshops

French cultural activities

English for academic achievement


Key Dates
2018-12-03 ~ 2019-01-18Bonus points scheme & subject exemption – Applications open
2018-12-03 ~ 2019-01-182019/20 entry to undergraduate programmes by admission exams - Applications open
Teacher-student ratio: 1:14

Kun Lai IanYear 4 student of Social Work
The social programme allows me to rediscover the person I truly am. It also teaches me the professional aspects of being a social worker. Before joining this programme, I’ve never realised how much I desire to pursue studies in this field, and I know I’m on the right track.